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Samba Message Therapy in Edmonton

Massage therapy is effective in reducing or managing pain, decreasing muscular tension, improving local blood flow, reducing blood pressure and increasing circulation. All of this aids in relaxation, which is the first step in improving physical health. Increased circulation reduces pain and swelling and helps rid the body of toxins that can slow recovery from injuries or illness by promoting healing by stretching connective tissue and breaking scar tissue to lubricate joints and improve range of motion. It also encourages relaxation, a must for anyone dealing with chronic pain or stress.

Other Benefits of Massage therapy:

  • relaxation
  • energizes your entire body,
  • lowers blood pressure and increases circulation,
  • reduces fatigue,
  • improves immune function,
  • helps to control pain,
  • reduce anxiety and depression
  • promotes feelings of well being


At your appointment we will discuss the appropriate techniques and pressure to reduce painful conditions or just to relax.

Massage therapy is generally recognized as effective in reducing or managing pain. Massage has an effect of local blood flow which can reduce blood pressure and increase circulation. This improves tissue health.
Massage improves lymphatic flow which reduces edema, eases pain and lowers the chance of scar tissue formation. It will relax muscles, decrease spasms, triggers points and increase the activity of the immune system.
Psychological effects of massage therapy are a reduction of stress, anxiety and depression and gives you a feeling of well being.

​At your appointment we will discuss the appropriate techniques and pressure to reduce painful conditions or just to relax.

The primary treatment goal of massage therapy is to promote a healthy pregnancy by including relaxation techniques and providing a supportive environment as part of every massage.

​Positioning for the massage can be side laying or the use of a pregnancy pillow to allow you to lay on your stomach.

Children can benefit from massage therapy, just like adults. It is a great way to help kids relax and get re-energized for the day ahead. Massage will help alleviate any pain or soreness your child may be experiencing, as well as instil a sense of calm and relaxation through its many benefits. 

Other benefits of children massage therapy include:

  • releasing stress,
  • increasing self-esteem,
  • ease symptoms of sleep disorders
  • Aid in teething pain
  • promoting balance and harmony between mind, body and spirit,
  • improving sleep patterns,
  • relieving anxiety,
  • creating opportunities for bonding, strengthening their immune system

A child who has a positive experience with massage will be more likely to practice it as part of their lifelong wellness, giving them an early start to learning about the stress relieving benefits of a massage.

Parents are requested to be in the room during treatment.

Shiatsu Therapy is an alternative medicine therapy that contributes to whole body health through manual pressure applied on specific points along the energy pathways of the human body.  Benefits of Shiatsu massage therapy are reduction of pain, stress and muscle tension, as well as anxiety and depression, while boosting the immune system. Many studies have been conducted on this technique, and it has been proven to be very beneficial as a preventative treatment for headaches, Chronic Pain Syndrome and lack of energy. An experienced massage therapist can adjust the depth of his or her pressure to help alleviate the pain and musculoskeletal tension that causes migraines, as well as the stress that can trigger them.

This fully clothed treatment involves application of sustained pressure to specific points on the body. 

Jade ( Nephrite) is known as the stone of health, wealth, virtue and wisdom. The

stones hold heat and cold equally well so they can add heat to the body and pull heat (inflammation) out. It gives and receives temperature in a less intense manner than most other stones, making its use even more special and comforting.

Using hot stones and chilled stones during a massage will challenge the body in a unique way. It combines the benefits of hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. The heated stones bring deep relaxation and will release toxins and inflammation, while the chilled stones will plump up your skin, and improve circulation, which helps your skin recover after using heated stones.

Where ever you are on your personal journey, Breast Massage can have a positive impact on your physical, mental and emotional wellness.
This treatment is gentle yet invigorating with a combination of full contact massage and lymphatic drainage techniques. This will bring balance and aid in decreasing stress, anxiety, insomnia and faster recovery from surgery and regaining your range of motion

Enhance the physical and spiritual healing powers of massage with hot stones. The Hot Stone Massage is one of the most relaxing massages available. Stones of varying sizes are used during this massage to elicit physical healing, mental relaxation and a spiritual connection to earth energy.  Warm stones encourage the exchange of blood and lymph and provide soothing heat for deep tissue work.

Heated lava(Basalt) stones are heated to approximately 120 F – 130 F, which is the perfect temperature to ensure safe and effective therapeutic results. In addition, the heat penetrates deeply giving the muscles a chance to relax and release tension while rejuvenating the skin. The stone massage therapist places these smooth stones onto key areas on the body and then massages other areas of the body using the hot stones as an extension of their own hands. One of the most popular uses for heated lava hot stones is for treating back problems. Symptoms such as tenderness, knots and general aches can be relieved with a simple hot stone massage. Hot stone massage can also provide stress relief and promote overall health by promoting deep relaxation.

For thousands of years, this technique has been practiced by cultures around the world for numerous benefits including: loosening muscle tissue and trigger points, cardiovascular health, relaxation and anxiety relief, increased range of motion, improved digestion, relieve of back and neck pains and stiff muscles, fatigue, migraines, rheumatism and even cellulite.

Cupping is an ancient method of the creation of space in those areas where we get knots, these knots being congested areas that are blocked with cellular debris and lack of blood flow. The cups are used by therapists to gently lift the skin away from deeper soft tissue to stretch sore and fatigued areas of the body that have become stuck in a knot or tense. The cups are also left on certain points of the body to draw stagnant blood away from those areas. It’s almost the same effect as a deep-tissue massage, but less uncomfortable.

 Certified Oncology therapist uses a light, gentle touch with slow and steady movements to help the body relax. Suitable for all stages of cancer , radiation and chemotherapy treatments.
 First visit will include a very detailed Health History form . Please arrive 20 minutes prior to appointment
30 mins $ 65
45 mins $ 75
60 mins $95